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About us

Honey Lake Firearms & Guide Service was founded in 2003 by Jeff Cagle, on the belief that Lassen County and our wonderful visitors deserved a higher level of service - and the kind of hunts that would be remembered forever. 


Located in Susanville, a full-service, 24hr community just over an hour northwest of Reno, we serve the largest population center in Northeastern California.  Our historic community was founded in 1857 on agriculture, logging, and mining, and now also hosts one of the largest correctional facilities in the world.  At an altitude of 4200ft, our high-mountain desert climate can get both scorching and frigid, so plan ahead with your gear.  The Honey Lake Valley and Lassen County provide a truly diverse and amazing set of hunting opportunities, and we genuinely look forward to hearing from you.    ​

Jeff Cagle
Owner and Guide


Jeff is a life-long hunter, and has been a Lassen County resident for over a quarter century.  He founded Honey Lake Firearms & Guide Service out of his passion for hunting and the outdoors.


"I inherited the love of hunting from my grandfather, and the ethics he passed down. They say that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. I truly love what I do. With the help of Kenny, we've built an outfit that provides a hunting experience simply unavailable anywhere else in California, with tremendous success rates. We're humbled by your interest, and welcome you to our website."

Kenny Fowler


Kenny is a lifelong resident and hunter of northeastern California and Lassen county, and has a particular passion for bow hunting and waterfowling.  Like Jeff, he is a fully licensed and bonded California Hunting Guide.


"There isn't much more satisfying for me outdoors than getting my clients on a smokin' hunt, setting them up on a perfect trophy shot or calling a flock of honkers right on top of us.  I love what I do, and definitely look forward to sharing it with you." 

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