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The trust you put in us is very important to me. It's just as important as your hunt being successful. Hours and hours of scouting, miles on the truck and day's spent in the field gives you the best opportunity of success

Jeff Cagle

"I easily put in two or three times as many hours scouting as I do guiding. Easily. Big game or waterfowl, I'm out literally every day, months before season, right up to the end. It's the only way to get the results we do."​

Kenny Fowler

We understand that the last couple of months of "sheltering in place" or "Social distancing" may have impacted your pocket book in a negative way. We don't want that to be a reason to put your dreams on hold. Honey Lake Guide Service has designed a payment plan that's something unusual in our business. Basically, it's hunt now and pay later. See details below hunt information on this page. 


2017 Golden opportunity tag holder

and his X6A buck 

Deer Zones:

X4,6A, 6B, 5A, 5B, 3A, M3, M4, M5 & M8

Thanks for considering Honey Lake Guide Service as you brainstorm all of your options for the upcoming big-game season. In looking for a guide, we encourage you to do your homework. Talk to everyone you can. Check references, both successful and unsuccessful. Whether you decide to hire our team of local and knowledgeable guides or another service, look for experience, access, track record, and reasonableness of claims - nobody can promise a 30"+ buck. One thing HL Guide Service will guarantee is a hunt that can be found nowhere else in California  for quality Mule deer and Antelope. 


X5a, X5b and X6b,  Rifle, archery, and muzzle loader clients can expect to hunt on public ground that is remote and tough. We're looking for bucks that have eluded hunters most of their lives and have grown big for a reason. A very large part of what we provide our clients is  months  of  scouting  before  each  season and finding the holes that those bucks live in. Knowing the back country roads of these zones, and having an intimate knowledge of the geography, habitat, and animal behaviors increases our clients' success rate ten-fold. The above hunts include guide, meals, lodging, transportation, and game care. Lodging may be at Diamond Mountain Casino & Hotel, or at a base camp near our hunt area. The rate for this hunts is $3750.00

Our X6a Hunts are entirely on private land, leased by Honey Lake Guide Service exclusively for limited, high-quality hunts. These properties are proven producers of trophy bucks, with heavy horned 28 plus inch bucks being taken by clients each year. We manage these bucks and their predators to insure successful hunts year after year. X6a hunts are inclusive and includes guide, meals,  transportation, game  care,  and  lodging  at  Diamond Mountain Casino in Susanville. Rate is $3950

Muzzleloader Hunts M3, M4, M5 and M8 are offered just as the hunts above and at the same rates. 

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Bret Fuller with his 2016 Doyle Muzzle Loader Buck 

                       2020 Hunt payment plan

Hunt Rate-$3950, deposit upon booking $615.00 with a monthly payment of $615 for seven months. That includes a finance fee of $50.00 per month. If balance is paid before seven months save up to $350.00


Hunt Rate-$3750, $585.00 deposit upon booking and $585.00 for seven months. Includes $50.00 finance fee per month. If balance is paid early save up to $350.00. 


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